War in Eladun

War in Eladun has been raging for two years, and it is going badly. The armies of Keltor launched a surprise attack against the eastern frontier and have since advanced through the once fertile farmlands there, scorching the land finally being halted just a few leagues from the capital. The royal dragon roosts have been emptied, and conscripts have been drawn from each province several times over.

Shaedun Across the Sea

The prosperous settlement of Sentinels Stair is at the southern tip of the continent of Shaedun, two weeks north by ship from Kingsport on the northwest coast of Eladun. It is the only known settlement on the continent, and was established just ten years before. Aside from a dangerous journey through the deep jungles and deserts south of Eladun, or into the unknown vastness of the sea to the west, it is the only major settlement with opportunities for adventurous souls who do not want to be dragged into the war.

Many new and many old dangers face those willing to attempt the crossing to Sentinels Stair. Of late, ships to and from the settlement have been disappearing without a trace, and it has been months since anyone has heard from them. An enterprising gnomish ship captain named Burdleclod has determined to make the passage despite the dangers, and stands to make quite a great deal of money if he can successfully make it to the marooned town. Unfortunately for him, the Clod Hopper is crewed by children, old men, cripples, and idiots. He will need competent hands on board in case of trouble.