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  • Helmig Masterson

    Masterson is a regular at the [[Palace Inn]] for the weekly card games with the "Ruling Six." He moved into the area with his daughter with the first wave of settlers. No one knows much about his life beforehand, but he has worked tirelessly to become the …

  • Lenara Seawall

    Lenara moved to the area along with the first wave of settlers. She does not share much but most people either like her or are indifferent. She rarely draws attention to herself. [[:captain-lunderhaven | Captain Lunderhaven]] doesn't seem to like her for …

  • Muddlebung Halfheart

    Halfheart earned his fortune years ago but has since lost the better part of it, leaving him only reasonably wealthy. He arrived about five years ago and bought his way into the upper crust of the small settlement. He says he has lost his "jokum" which …

  • Hurtag Hammerfist

    Hurtag arrived in the city about three years ago, around the time that the duergar began pushing the orcs and goblins out of the mountains to the north. This probably isn't mere coincedence.

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